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Slate House Signs Made in Kent | Customise Your Sign Online

Slate House Signs Made in Kent | Customise Your Sign Online.
Sustainable ~ Environmentally Friendly ~ 100% Natural ~ Reusable ~ Recyclable ~ Durable and Weather Resistant
Is slate good for the environment? YES, Slate is the Best Ecological Option.
Slate is a 100% naturally occurring material. This makes slate a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint.
Slate extraction is achieved with very little environmental impact.
Rather than choosing a material that is harmful to the environment, slate is a natural resource that won't harm wildlife, the natural world or us once it is disposed of, it can also be reused and recycled.

The simplicity of its production process and having laser engraved lettering, which does not need any artificial materials,
is truly the greenest way for house sign buyers to make their purchase an environmentally friendly choice.
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